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  • Debossed wristband
    As low as£0.10 ea.
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    Debossed silicone wristbands

    We provide a variety of custom made wristbands made of pure silicone. Custom made as the name suggests is all up to your imagination. Let your imagination run freely and decide how you want your wristband to be. Debossed means imprint inside, that is, you can feel the letters going in when you touch your band. This silicone wristband is the most popular style and your logo or some letters are debossed via a mould. This gives a unique and out of the box look to your wristband. This mould is as per your specification which means the mould will take the shape of the message you want Debossed. You can now choose the size, the colour and the style that you want to adorn you wristband. If you want a pattern or a combination of colours it will easily be taken care of.  We have a wide variety of font styles and images to help you create the wristband of your desire giving it a personalized look.      

  • Embossed wristband
    As low as£0.10 ea.
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    Embossed silicone wristbands

    Embossed Silicone Wristbands are the opposite of debossed bracelets which means raised messages instead of engraved. This gives an altogether different look to your wristband making it more unique. Now, you can get any text or design raised as per your specifications around the wristband. The silicone used is of highest quality and is non-toxic making it safe for kids too. Custom made wristband of this sort is a unique way to identify your event, your product or yourself. It proves to be a great way of promotion as it is an eye catcher with an elegant and great appearance. This proves to be useful for a number of events such as Ngo’s, Fund raisers, School contributions, graduations etc.It is an ingenuous way to promote your business or a particular product or create awareness regarding a social cause. Though this design is a bit less popular but it certainly is different and an appropriate option if you want to stand out. Similar to debossed we have a custom made mould for every other wristband as per your specifications. Yet again, you are free to choose the style, colour and the size of your wristband.

  • Debossed Colour Filled wristband
    Debossed Colour Filled
    As low as£0.10 ea.
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    Debossed colour filled silicon wristbands

    With its superior new design altogether, we bring to you debossed colour filled silicon wristbands. These are ultimate quality of customized wristbands for various promotional events and fund raisers. Like any other wristband, these are also custom made with your message or logo debossed on them. They make your logo or text stand out in the crowd. Now, you can choose the colour of the wristband as well the colour of the filled ink. It is an excellent choice if you want your message to stand out amongst others. The contrast in the colour will prove to be quite unique. Providing state of the art designs to choose from with a vibrant mix of colours, this wristband will surely make heads turn. Made from the finest quality of silicon available, this is a must have if you want your event to be a success. Like all the varieties, you can choose the colour, the style and the design to be debossed. And yes it would be colour filled. We ensure stupendous quality and even better services for you.

  • Printed wristband
    As low as£0.10 ea.
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    Printed Wrist Bands

    Wrist bands have become a style statement for the present youth. They believe in making a bold presence and wrist bands are the hottest favourites this season. Printed wrist bands are the most economical and professional style of wrist bands. These are the most basic wristbands available everywhere. We, provide an option of customizing the prints with a list of fonts to choose from. The fonts are all beautiful in their own different way. An all customised printed wrist bands is perfect for events like nights clubs, restaurants, bars, theme parks etc. The best part about these bands is that they are waterproof, tamper proof and non-transferable. This makes them pretty comfortable and more durable making them a more preferred choice. With the option to select the custom text colour, colour of the band, design, pattern, we give exactly what the customer desires. Our prompt delivery network is the added perk you get when you choose us. Happy shopping!

  • Embossed Printed wristband
    Embossed Printed
    As low as£0.10 ea.
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    Embossed printed silicone wristbands

    The embossed printed category is one of a kind silicone wristbands made of the highest quality silicone. Silicone is known worldwide and is very popular amongst masses for its durability and awesome look. As the name suggests, you can get any message, logo or artwork you want embossed and printed at the same time. We also offer a wide variety of vibrant colours and an array of designs to choose from. This makes it a more viable and smart option for you. Our earnest endeavour is and always has been customer satisfaction so we provide numerous possibilities of customization. Easily accessorized with almost any outfit and a sure style statement.This exclusive range will make your event or fundraiser stand out. The message you want to spread will be clear and loud. We guarantee a twenty four hour express delivery for this, like all our other products. Your satisfaction is our happiness and our duty.                        

  • Dual Layer wristband
    Dual Layer
    As low as£0.18 ea.
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    Dual layer silicone wrist bands

    Wrist bands are the new fashion symbols very prevalent amongst the youth of the country. The desire to be unique and stand out in the masses makes them go for things like wrist bands. Our selection of dual layer silicone wrist bands comes in a wide range of contrasting colours with customizable text messages which can either be embossed, debossed or just plain printed. Both, the inside and the outside layers of our dual layer silicone bands are oil sprayed and polished to give a shiny finish. This reusable and washable wrist bands and produced with the highest quality of soft silicone keeping sensitive skins conditions in mind. Our dual layer silicone wrist bands are a huge success with pool parties, school functions and charity events. You can wear them with the print showing or you can reverse them and have a completely different look.

  • Figured wristband
    As low as£0.17 ea.
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    Figured wrist bands

    We bring to you highest quality silicone wrist bands which are non-toxic, the new way to promote your event. Highly customizable as per the requirement of the customer and a variety of types to choose from, this is the new trend prevailing. An exclusive way to make a statement for a social cause, famous amongst kids these bands are loved by almost everybody. One of the varieties we offer is that of figured wrist bands. Figured wrist bands can have any logo or emblem done on the dial part of the band. The logo can be of your choice or you can choose the same from the variety of options available. These can be single or multi coloured with the text being embossed, debossed, printed or colour filled. You can choose the message, size, colour or art work. We can get anything or everything printed.

  • Blank wristband
    As low as£0.10 ea.
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    Blank Wristband

  • Tyvek (3/4 Inch) wristband
    Tyvek (3/4 Inch)
    As low as£0.04 ea.
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  • Tyvek (1 Inch) wristband
    Tyvek (1 Inch)
    As low as£0.07 ea.
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  • Vinyl wristband
    As low as£0.11 ea.
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  • Plastic wristband
    As low as£0.11 ea.
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Welcome to GoWristBands! We are one of the leading suppliers of customized silicone wristbands in UK. For the last 4 years, we are proudly supplying a wide range of custom silicone wristbands throughout the world. We are not any kind of marketing agency or agent who forwards your order to the supplier, but we supply wristbands directly to our customers as per their needs and budget.

We score a good rank in the third party review site where customers left their feedbacks and reviews about our website and the products we offered to them. We have over 20,000 customer reviews and we got 5 out of 5 star rating for our exceptional services and products. So, if you are looking for some exceptional rubber wristbands for any occasion, then choosing us is a wise decision.

Regardless of what kind of wristbands you are looking for, we are a one shop stop for all your customized wristband needs. All our products are of high quality and appropriate for family reunions, awareness campaign, fund raising, birthday parties, corporate marketing, promotions and other occasions.

On our customized silicone wristbands, we can put your desired logo, digital image, standard clip arts or personal message and gift it to your family, friends and loved ones. Our promotional wristbands with a message are always in demand for marketing purpose.

Beside custom message wristbands, we also offer rubber bracelet items, printed wristbands,embossed bands and much more. All our custom wristbands provide an excellent grip to your wrists and very comfortable for regular use. All our wristbands are made from 100% silicone. The other kinds of wristbands we offer are embossed wristbands, colour-filled wristbands, debossed wristbands, figured wristbands, imprinted silicone wristbands, glow in the dark, segmented, Swirl and rubber wristbands.

No matter where you reside in the world, we ensure to deliver high quality of customized silicone wristbands right at your doorstep. 

We offer the LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE and FREE SHIPPING on all orders anywhere in the world.

Let us help you to design your own customized wristbands and promote your business! You never know, may be your band could be the next upcoming trend!

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our customized silicone bracelets, feel free to contact us! For placing your order call us at 0-800-047-0904 or drop us an email at One of our representatives will assist you with the bracelets and wristband design according to your requirements. You can also shop online by exploring our website to make your customized wristbands.

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